Server to Server Custom Key Integration Guide

This document walks through the setup and use of KVP for Verizon Media Video SSP OpenRTB integrations for Supply

Verizon Media Video SSP supports passing custom key-value pairs in the OpenRTB request and using it for routing, targeting, and reporting.


Create the keys

In order to use KVP for request routing & reporting, please add them as Custom Keys in the console


Add a new key


The Key Name  is the display name in the VSSP console

The Parameter Name  is the actual custom key parameter that should be present in the incoming request

The Value type  will be used when applying the targeting to the custom keys


Passing KVPs in OpenRTB bid request

The Custom Key-value pairs are shared in the request.imp.ext.custom object

To pass multiple values, please use space, | or ; as separator

 "id": "eba506fee4fc4e8db9ac92111c097ae2",

  "at": 1,

  "imp": [


      "ext": {

       "custom": {



        "customkeyname3": "val3",

        "customkeyname4": "val4"


Sample Bid request

{"at":2,"cur":["USD"],"device":{"devicetype":2,"dnt":0,"ip":"","language":"en","ua":"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:55.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/55.0"},"id":"1a4e7015-e668-126e-b2a4-9c5bf98aefc6:1505252055152:1","imp":[{"ext":{"pblob":"seg:1;pt:1;ver:megastrm;layout:default|sf9_RjcyLjPJgsklVv_VyRPgMTgwLgAAAADOC1Id|2023538075|LREC4|sf9_RjcyLjPJgsklVv_VyRPgMTgwLgAAAADOC1Id|||146750051",


"id":"1a4e7015-e668-126e-b2a4-9c5bf98aefc6:1505252055152:1:2","instl":0,"tagid": "agltb3B1Yi1pbmNyDQsSBFNpdGUY7fD0FAw","pmp":{"deals":[{"at":2,"bidfloor":1.9,"id":"1504"},{"at":2,"bidfloor":1.6,"id":"1927"},{"at":2,"bidfloor":2,"id":"548"},{"at":2,"bidfloor":3,"id":"697"},{"at":2,"bidfloor":0.25,"id":"97151"},{"at":2,"bidfloor":3.5,"id":"97195"}],"private_auction":0},"secure":1,"banner":{"delivery":[2],"h":250,"linearity":1,"maxbitrate":1000,"maxduration":15,"mimes":["application/x-shockwave-flash","video/mp4","video/x-flv"],"minduration":5,"playbackmethod":[2],"pos":1,"api":[2],"protocols":[2,5],"startdelay":0,"w":300}}],"regs":{"coppa":0},"site":{"cat":["IAB12"],"content":{"context":1,"embeddable":0,"language":"en","qagmediarating":1},"id":"4452051","page":"","privacypolicy":1,"publisher":{"id":"20459933223"},"ref":""}}


Using Custom keys in reporting

Make sure to check Available for Reporting Yes  if you wish to select it as a report dimension

If left as No  it will only be available in the Advanced Targeting  section of the RTBIS for request routing

Note: you can create up to 10 reportable KVPs per organization. There is no limitation on non-reportable keys

In the example,  lmsid  is Custom Key 14 which is selected as the dimension for the report



Using Custom KVP’s for targeting

Custom keys can be used in RTBIS targeting for request routing

After adding the custom key it can be added to Targeting > Other  for request routing

In the example, the RTBIS is selected only if the incoming request has custom key player_id with one of the specified values



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