Testing Requirements for Header Bidding and S2S

If you have just been onboarded to Video SSP for Header Bidding or S2S integrations, the first thing you would want to do is run an End to End test. To do so we provide a testing Exchange with a creative that fills 100% of the time with a price of 20$ to outbid any other bidders you might have setup in your test. 


Test Exchange ("HBExchange")

The "HBExchange" (a.k.a the test 'pubId' in Header Bidding integrations), is our test exchange that has a 100% fill creative assigned to it. We use this exchange to test the flow from Ad-Opportunity to Ad-Completion before going live with any integration. 


HBExchange Limitations:

  1. The "HBExchange" responds with a valid bid-response only within U.S West Coast. Please make sure that you are using a VPN service to mimic this location when testing.
  2. The test creative will respond in only three scenarios:
    • When your site does not have an Ads.txt file - In this case, the test creative will respond as ads.txt blocking from our ad server does not apply.
    • When your site has an Ads.txt file, and you declared our test organization ID - In this case, you must add the following line to your Ads.txt and allow our system crawler to recognize the update to your site (usually takes between 24-48 hours). In addition, we will need to add your domain to our ad server allowlist for the creative to deliver.
      advertising.com, 6, RESELLER
    • Passing a site override in the bid-request - By passing a site & page override in the bid- request you will be able to override the Ads.txt verification. This is useful for initial testing but will not help when checking your production domain integration.
      For further details, please see:
      • How to pass site override in prebid.js adUnits
      • How to pass site override in S2S bid-request.


The following flowchart summarizes the test creative limitations and flow:




How to Pass Site & Page Override in a Prebid.js adUnit

The following code example is a JavaScript prebid.js adUnit declaration using the oneVideo bidder configuration and includes a site and page override.
You can use this as a referecne on how to pass the site & page override to bypass your Ads.txt. adUnit[0].bids.params.site.page

const adUnits = [{
code: 'player1',
mediaTypes: {
video: {
context: 'instream',
playerSize: [640, 480]
bids: [{
bidder: 'oneVideo',
params: {
video: {
playerWidth: 640,
playerHeight: 480,
mimes: ['video/mp4', 'application/javascript'],
protocols: [2, 5],
api: [1,2],
delivery: [2]
pubId: 'HBExchange',
site: {
page: 'https://www.vidible.tv',
ref: 'https://www.vidible.tv'



How to Pass Site & Page Override in S2S bid-request

The following code example is a minimal OpenRTB JSON bid-request that includes a site override. 
You can use this as a reference on how to pass the site & page override to bypass your Ads.txt.

"id": "a8e4e9cc-37d9-4704-addd-12456894a629",
"at": 2,
"cur": "USD",
"imp": [{
"id": "1",
"secure": true,
"video": {
"mimes": ["video/mp4", "application/javascript"],
"w": 640,
"h": 480,
"linearity": 1,
"protocols": [2, 5],
"api": [1, 2],
"delivery": [2]
"site": {
"page": "https://www.vidible.tv",
"ref": "https://www.vidible.tv"
"device": {
"ua": "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_14_6) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/80.0.3987.116 Safari/537.36"
"tmax": 200



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