Trending Playlist

What is the Trending Playlist?

The Trending Playlist is a new feature that leverages data regarding topics that are capturing the internet’s attention at any given time, and constructs a playlist of videos from the Video Syndication library that contains content relevant to those trends.

What controls do I have with the Trending Playlist?

When configuring the Trending Playlist, you will be able to choose:


  • What categories you would like to include in your Trending Playlist (you can select from Entertainment, Finance, Sports, Technology and Top Stories - or any combination of these).
  • The time period for the trends you want to include the Trending Playlist - for e.g., topics that have been trending in the categories you have selected over the last 7 days. You can select Last 24hrs, Last 48hrs, Last 7 Days or Last Two Weeks.


As well as these specific options for the Trending Playlist, you will also have all the regular controls and filters that are available to all playlists - content providers, languages, video release dates, etc.

How do I enable the Trending Playlist?

The Trending Playlist can be added to any new or existing playlist. Simply select ‘Trending Playlist’ from the available options:


This will then add a new pod to your playlist, and this is where you can choose your settings:


Once you have made your choices here, just hit save and your new playlist is ready!

Are there any restrictions to the Trending Playlist?

Currently, the trends that we monitor are US only. If you would like to be able to create trending playlists that reflect trends from other countries, please let your account manager know and they can provide that feedback to our product team.

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