What is the Auto Playlist feature?

Auto Playlists provide the ability for publishers to automatically insert an O2 video player on their pages based on a set of predefined conditions, and present contextually relevant content to end users. As a publisher of multiple websites ourselves, we know how time-consuming it can be to manually curate content for every story that you publish, which leads to lost opportunities for additional audience engagement and revenue from video placements. Auto Playlists aims to solve that problem by making it easy to surface and add contextually relevant content to any article you publish.

Note: the semantic player can also be added to a page or CMS template using the regular embed tag option too.


Which publishers should use the Auto Playlist feature?

  • Direct publishers, who have access to the code on their pages and CMS templates, and the appropriate tech resources to configure, integrate and test our script.
  • Publishers who don’t currently have 100% coverage of videos on their articles.
  • Publishers whose content has a strong overlap with the O2 Video Library (Entertainment and News for example).

Auto Playlist Prerequisites

  1. Player - ‘PID’
    1. Full player configuration - select from all options.
    2. Content - semantic only? With fallback playlist?
  2. Buyer Company - `BCID` Publisher/Buyer company ID in the portal.
  3. `Conditions` - flags in the page that will tell us if the script should execute, which pages should it run on, A/B test, etc.
  4. `CSS Selector` - where will the MAXi player be injected (for more than one player we’d use different strategies).
  5. `template` - Additional HTML that will be inserted around the player (e.g. ‘Before You Go’ title).


The support team can help with:

  1. Player configuration.
  2. Playlist configuration.
  3. Script configuration including:
    1. Testing strategies.
    2. Creating a proof of concept native app of the site with the auto playlist.


What info should I have from my publisher before I contact support?

There are several questions that you should work through with your publisher before contacting the Auto Playlists team to get an integration started:


  • What player type are they wanting to automatically insert on their pages? In stream or outstream?
  • What type of content are they hoping to display to their users? Contextually relevant, revenue focused, manually curated by them?
  • Are they wanting to insert the player on all their article pages or specific verticals?
  • What behaviour does the publisher want to see when we detect that there is another player already on the page? We can either not add our player at all, or replace an existing player.
  • What position within the article is the player going to be placed? Will it be the main video at the top of the story, a playlist at the end of the story, an outstream unit in the middle of the story?



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