What is a Connection?

A connection is an entity in the Video SSP platform that is used for selling inventory (ad opportunities) in a specified marketplace (one or multiple).

A connection includes specific criteria settings that define technologies used by the publisher and types of publisher's inventory in order to match the corresponding ad responses.

When you set up a new connection, a connection tag is generated by the system. This tag can then be implemented into any Oath or 3rd party player in order to start selling this player inventory in the marketplace(s) defined in this connection.


How a Connection Works

The following diagram and description are numbered in order to explain more easily how a connection tag operates:




Follow the numbered items in the diagram with their corresponding explanations below:

  1. It all starts when creating a connection entity within the Video SSP platform. Each connection requires you set specific criteria that will define the main characteristics of the ad opportunities coming from the player on the publisher's sites.
    These criteria include request information such as:
    • Device type - Desktop, OTT, Mobile (App/Web) etc.
    • Publisher domains.
    • Browser/App
    • Player supported formats VAST or VPAID.
    • Etc.

The connection also serves as a validator, as it filters out ad opportunities that do not match the defined criteria you gave previously.

  1. After the connection has been saved, you can generate a connection tag. This tag is a URL address that includes several query string parameters and values used to transfer information to the Video SSP platform when a player sends an ad request. The connection tag is then placed in an Oath or any 3rd party player that supports ad requesting (the arrow highlighted in orange).

  2. When the player on the publisher's site reaches an ad opportunity, it sends out an ad request to the connection tag (highlighted in black). This request includes important information such as the device type, opportunity type (Pre/Mid/Post-Roll) and other important information for the connection to evaluate.

  3. If the ad request matches all of the criteria defined in the connection, the request is then passed to any of the assigned marketplaces linked to this connection.
    A connection can be linked to more than one marketplace environments, allowing the ad request to be offered for sale in multiple places.

    Note: In this example, we noted all the main marketplaces available within the platform. But in reality, you will usually be connecting to OVM and perhaps other PMPs if you have any direct Deal IDs with specific Advertisers or Ad Agencies.

    Once the ad opportunity has been sold to the highest bidder, an ad response is sent all the way through the chain back to the player with an advertisement to be displayed.



  • Ad requests made by a player must match the defined connection criteria otherwise they will not be eligible for any sale in marketplaces.

    Example: If your connection is set to accept Mobile App ad requests only and your connection tag passed an ad request from Desktop, the ad request will not be allowed into the marketplace for sale.

Note: To learn how to set a new connection, please refer to How to Create a New Connection.

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