Manage Rejected Buyers List


Go to Marketplace > Buyer Review > Rejected tab.


The list of buyers rejected for all connections is displayed.


The search filters the list of Buyer names. The submission date is the date the Buyer first attempted to make purchases on your inventory.

Approve All or Select Connections for a Single Buyer

Click the gear icon on the row a Buyer is listed to open the connections approval menu for a Buyer.


Click Approve for Select Connections. The Approve Buyer for Marketplace Connections window will open.


If you approve the Buyer for any connections, the Buyer's status will change to Approved and the Buyer will be moved to the Approved Buyer List.

Edit a Single Buyer or Bulk Edit Multiple Buyers

Select the checkbox for one or more buyers or the Buyer column heading. The Action menu appears. Open the Action menu.


The Action Menu options are:

  • Turn Site Reporting On
  • Turn Site Reporting Off
  • Auto Approve Creatives
  • Manually Approve Creatives
  • Auto Approve RTB Creatives
  • Block RTB Creatives
  • Approve for All Connections
  • Approve for Select Connections
  • Reject for All Connections

Download List

Go to the gear icon in the upper right hand above the Rejected Buyers List. Use this dropdown menu to download the entire list as a CSV or Excel document.


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