RTB Ad Source Dashboard under Campaigns

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To access the Video SSP Marketplace and/ or other Marketplaces, a one-time integration setup is required.

Please reach out to your Video SSP account manager to configure your OpenRTB account in Video SSP.



From the menu bar at the top of your screen navigate to Campaigns > RTB Ad Sources.





+ New RTB Ad Source button

Allows creating a New RTB Ad Source.


Filters RTB Ad Sources by name.

Date Range/Date picker

  • Reflects data in the RTB Ad Sources list for each ad source based on the defined date range.
  • Displays data for the past 30 days (default).
  • Optionally, a custom date range can be set. Use the custom date picker to select a different date range.

RTB Ad Sources list

  • RTB Ad Source: Shows the name of listed RTB Ad Sources.
  • Bid Requests: The total number of Bid Requests (number of bid opportunities) sent to the External RTB Buyer via this RTB Ad Source and to potentially bid on (only applies to RTB buyers.)
  • Response Rate: The percentage of Bid Requests that got a Bid Response from the External RTB Buyer via this RTB Ad Source.
  • Ad Impressions: The number of times the Video SSP platform successfully displayed, purchased and delivered an ad through this RTB Ad Source.
    Note: For ad network ads, one ad success is counted when the ad network successfully takes over the ad spot to show ads, no matter how many ads the ad network actually shows.
  • Success Rate: The percentage of Ad Attempts that succeed (ad impressions / ad attempts).
  • Cost (CPM): The total amount spent and the Ad spend eCPM for this RTB Ad Source.
  • CTR (Click Through Rate): The ratio of ad clicks to ad impressions (user clicks / total ad impressions delivered), expressed as a percentage.
  • CVR (Completed View Rate): The ratio completed views to ad impressions (number of 100% Completed Views / Total Ad Impressions delivered), expressed as a percentage.
  • Total Ad Spend: The total ad spend  (total amount spent) for this RTB Ad Source.
  • Targeting: Displays the targeting criteria defined in the Targeting tab for this RTB Ad Source. Targeting criteria can include platform/device type, audience criteria (user segment, geography, etc.), content, or placement type.

Context menu

: Opens the RTB Ad Source options drop-down menu:

To make changes to a single RTB Ad Source, select the context menu inline to your RTB Ad Source. Available options:

  • Edit RTB Ad Source: Allows user to edit General, Inventory and Targeting settings for the RTB Ad Source.
  • Clone RTB Ad Source: Allows user to make an exact copy of the RTB Ad Sources, which will be saved under a new name. This is helpful if you need to create a similar RTB Ad Source. The new RTB Ad Source can be edited as needed.
  • Delete RTB Ad Source: Allows user to delete the RTB Ad Source. Deleted RTB Ad Sources should still appear in Analytics data.


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