Marketplace RTB Ad Review

RTB Ad Review adds an additional level of control for sellers, who formerly could only approve at the Buyer level. For any Buyer who is not Auto-Approved by the Seller, all ads being targeted to the seller’s marketplace connections appear here.

For more detail, see the Buyer Review article.

RTB Ad Review

 To view the RTB Ad Review screen, go to Marketplaces > RTB Ad Review.


The RTB Ad Review screen displays

Select the RTB Ad line item and click Approved for All Connections in the Status column to open the Approve RTB Ad for Marketplace Connections window.

You can search for specific connections by typing the name in the Search box.  

Click the All Connections check box to approve the RTB Ad for all your marketplace connections.


You can change the Status by clicking the line item options icon to display the available options.

Select the desired option to change the connection approval setting.


Click the options icon drop-down list at the top of the window. Users can download the RTB Ad Review contents in one of two formats, CSV or Excel. Users can also view the Change History.


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