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Who can manage advertisers?

  • Advertisers are pre-loaded to a global advertiser directory managed by Video SSP.
  • Advertisers from this global list can be assigned to your account by your account administrator, and only then can you apply the advertiser and a corresponding brand to a campaign.
  • Only account administrators (users with administrative access rights and access to manage account settings) can Add, Edit, or Delete Advertisers Settings in their Video SSP account.
  • Advertisers are required for every new campaign. Any user with read-write access to create and edit campaigns can assign advertisers to campaigns during campaign setup.

Navigate to Campaigns > Advertiser dashboard to view the account advertisers list.

  • However, because only Account Administrators can add new Advertisers to your Account, we recommend that you work with your Administrator to organize your Advertisers prior to entering the Campaign setup workflow.
  • If you do not see the advertiser you need in Video SSP's global directory, you can request to have an advertiser added to the global directory from the campaign setup workflow.


Who can manage advertiser rules?

  • Advertiser rules enable publishers to block or allow creatives from certain advertisers or categories to serving on their inventory using "advertiser", “category” or “advertiser domain” values.

In the Admin menu navigate to General Settings > Advertiser Rules tab.

  • Advertiser  Rules is a restricted feature and needs to be enabled for your seller organization. To activate in your org, please contact your Client Services Manager.
  • Advertiser rules allows to create rules for serving of creatives across all buyers (RTB and ONE Video DSP) based on following options under the Advertiser tab:
  • Advertiser Names - for setting rules at the Advertiser level. eg. Toyota, McDonalts etc.
  • Advertiser Categories - use IAB Categories eg. Food & Drink IAB8), Health & Fitness (IAB7)
  • Advertiser Domains - useful for setting granular rules like eg.
  • To save Advertiser Rules at least one value in one of the four options must be selected.
  • Rules can be defined as either Blocklist or Allowlist across all of your inventory, enhancing the controls you have as publisher for working with a diverse pool of buyers.

For RTB Buyers this information will than be passed as blocked domains or categories with the bid response. For examples, see Advertiser tab in Advertiser Rules.

  • Advertiser Rules are applied across the entire org, while Targeting options are assigned to the inventory (for the incoming ad request). For details, see Targetings tab in Advertiser Rules.

Example: A rule with media in ("", "") implies that tertiser Rules in General Settings.


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