Targeting Tab in Advertiser Rules


Navigate to Admin > General Settings > Advertiser Rules. Click   to edit your Advertiser Rule > Targeting tab.



Location & Device Section

Targets your inventory based on location and techno graphic parameters. 

  • The default settings are All Countries and Territories, All Devices, etc.
  • To set customized values, activate Custom Section


Media List

Available Media Lists/ My Selection

Defines whether a publisher allows a media list to be included in a blocklist rule. 

Possible options:

  • Include - the blocklist rule is be applied to the specified media (including the specified media).
  • Exclude - the blocklist rule is be applied to the specified media (excluding the specified media).

+ New Media List

Optionally, a new media list can be added to the seller’s org media list.

Advanced Options 


Advanced Options Section

Provides option to target specific key value pairs or inventory objects. The ad server applies the rules strictly on the basis of the selected inventory object, and the key value pair based on the incoming request.

  • Key Value Pair - delivers the inventory on the basis of pre-defined keys (e.g., gender or age) to user groups with specific values (e.g., male, between 20-30 years). All keys that are enabled for the seller org on network level can be used for targeting. The available key operators depend on the key set.
    Note: Key value pair targeting supports direct inventory only.
  • Inventory Objects - enables/disables the advertiser rules for a specific inventory sources or marketplace connections (based on whether one or both are enabled for the seller org). The default setting is ALL, which signifies that the rule is applied across all inventory objects unless specified otherwise.
    Note: If no targeting is selected, the rule is applied across the seller org.





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