Basics of Trafficking a Video Ad in a Publisher Ad Server

Preparations on customer side

The Video SSP Platform can display video-format ads from your in-house ad server.

Before you traffic a video-format ad for the first time, you'll need to do some initial setup steps:



Support VAST XML (mandatory)

Make sure that your ad server supports XML-format ads and understands VAST.

Most leading ad servers, such as DART for Publishers and Atlas AdManager can do this.

Create a template

Create a rich media template in your ad server that is supporting VAST XML.

See the User Guide for your ad server for details on how to do this.

Generate a tag

Based on the template generate a VAST XML-tag in your ad server.

Upload the video creative file

Upload your video creative file and (if required) companion banner to your server or content delivery network.

Pre-test the video creative file

Test downloading the files from the URL where they can be found.


Start ad delivery with Video SSP

Once you have completed preparations, you can actually traffic the ad.

In the Video SSP console, create an ad source corresponding to your in-house ad server, and specify the ad tag for the ad source:



Create a flight

In the Video SSP console, create a New Ad (Digital Ad or Digital Partner Ad).

Define the creative format

Specify a VAST XML supporting Creative Type in the General tab > Format and Settings section.

Configure the video settings

Specify the video parameters in the Creative tab > + New Creative. Fill out the template fields by specifying at least the URL of the video creative file and (if required) the companion banner.

Preview the video

Use Preview to pre-test the video creative file within Video SSP.

Start ad delivery

Make the ad live, and test your ad tag to make sure that the VAST XML is delivering.


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