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From the menu bar at the top of your screen navigate to Campaigns > RTB Ad Sources > Edit or + New RTB Ad Source.







Saves a RTB Ad Source as either Live or Paused. An RTB Ad Source must be live in order to bid.

  • Live: The RTB Ad Source is on for buying.
  • Paused: The RTB Ad Source is off for buying.

RTB Ad Source Name

Defines a name for the RTB Ad Source. The RTB Ad Source Name also appears on the RTB Ad Source dashboard and in Analytics reports.

Integration Type

Defines the API protocol type for this RTB Ad Source as OpenRTB 2.2. This is IAB's standardized RTB protocol. For details, see Technical requirements for an RTB integration.


The bid response URL from the 3rd party buying system.

Send Bids on Unsynced Viewers

This setting determines whether the 3rd party buying system responds to bid requests for impressions where user syncing does not take place, or whether it only bids on impressions for which user syncing occurs.

User syncing must be configured for a minimum of 7 days before an effective pool of synched user impressions is available for bidding.

Ad Pods

This checkbox determines if this ad source will participate in ad pod impressions.

Ad pods are similar to commercial breaks on TV.

Ad pods enable multiple ads to run in each ad spot (e.g., pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll). 

  • If enabled, RTB Buyers have the ability to run their ad in an Ad Pod (i.e. it can be one of several ads that fill slots within an ad pod).
  • If not enabled, the ad will only run within a single ad spot (e.g., pre-roll, mid-roll, etc.)
  • Buyers have the ability to report on Ad Sequence to understand what position the ad was served in the ad pod.

Ads.txt Classification

Filters traffic from unauthorized or undeclared domains per ads.txt (applies only to website traffic).

  • Undeclared =  ads.txt is not present
  • Unauthorised = Publisher is not authorised to sell the incoming inventory. Buyer can decide whether or not they want to receive Unauthorised/Undeclared supply.

See also  How to Support ads.txt File on SSP Video.

GDPR Consent Filtering

Configures GDPR settings (depending on user consent settings for Oath or DSP) and defines whether or not a Bid Request should be sent to a buyer.

Options to filter RTB Ad Sources by GDPR Consent presence

  • Send All Request,even if user consent is not present for Oath or DSP (default setting).
  • Send request where user consent is present for Oath (irrespective of DSP user consent).
  • Send request where user consent is present for both Oath and DSP.


Specifies the values of the RTB Ad Source delivery or money spend in a specified goal delivery period (interval). An Ad Source Goal can be defined as either Impressions or Spend.

Choose from the following goal type options:

  • Impressions: Defines the target number of impressions to achieve with this RTB Ad Source.
  • Spend: Applies a total or periodic spend cost CPM.
  • Goal delivery period: Specifies a period of delivery for each goal type defined. Available options:
  • Total (duration of the flight)
  • per Day
  • per Week (Weekly goals run Sunday -> Saturday PST)
  • per Month
  • Example: Your goal is to deliver 10,000 impressions per day. Select the Per Day period.

+ Goal

Allows setting multiple goals for your RTB Ad Source.


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