Using RTB Ad Sources


Creating a new RTB Ad Source




In the main menu navigate to Campaigns > RTB Ad Sources and click + New RTB Ad Source.

Result: The New RTB Ad Source workflow opens in the General tab.


General Tab Settings


In the General Tab define general RTB Ad Source settings. For details, see New RTB Ad Source General Tab.

Note: Mandatory fields are marked in bold and with a red asterisk.

Set values in following sections:






Define the Status.

Note: Only a Live RTB Ad Source can deliver on requests.

RTB Ad Source Name

Enter a name in in the text box.

(Integration Type)

No action required. By default it shows OpenRTB 2.2 as integration type, IAB's standardized RTB protocol. For details, see Technical requirements for an RTB integration.

Send Bids on Unsynced Viewers

  • Click the desired radio button depending on whether or not you want to send bids on unsynced viewers.
  • For new buyers, best practice is to select Yes to bid on all matching impressions.
  • User syncing must be configured for a minimum of 7 days before an effective pool of synched user impressions is available for bidding.

Ad Pods

Select the checkbox to enable this ad to run inside an ad pod. With ad pods enabled, this ad will participate in ad pod impressions.

Note: If not enabled, , the ad will only run within a single ad spot (e.g., pre-roll, mid-roll, etc.)


Apply a one or multiple goals (using +Goal) to your RTB Ad Sources (optional).

  • Set a limit either as a number of Impression or Spend cost CPM.
  • Define the delivery period either as Total duration or periodic goal (Per Day, Per Week, Per Month).



Inventory Tab Settings


Go to the Inventory tab > Sources tab. Define Marketplaces where you will purchase impressions.

For details, see New RTB Ad Source Inventory Tab.

Set values in following sections:





Marketplace Media tab

Go to the Marketplace Media tab, if you want to restrict the site selection. Use the filter and/or Search options to break down your selection criteria.

  • Optionally, click    and select Save the Media List to be used for future RTB Ad Sources or within the Blocklist Media tab > Browse Existing Media List tab.
  • Optionally, click + Add to Backlist to add specific Media to the Blocklist Media tab.

Blocklist Media tab

Go to the Blocklist Media tab, if you want to modify your blocklist settings.

  • For media lists Browse Existing Media List and click to +Add or Remove to change settings on your blocklist selection.
  • For single media selection Browse Media and click to +Add or +Add All to change settings on your blocklist selection.

Results: The Blocklisted Media tab displays all media of your block list selection of sites applied to this RTB Ad Source.



Targeting Tab Settings


Go to the Targeting tab. Define targeting parameters based on multiple criteria to deliver your ads to the right user.

For details, see New RTB Ad Source Targeting Tab

Set values in the following sections:





Standard tab

Optionally, change the default settings to custom selection.

Advanced tab

Optionally, define manual Targeting Expression to make manual adjustments to the targeting statement.

Note: Adding a targeting expression disables editing other targeting criteria. This targeting expression takes precedence over other sections.



Click Save & Exit to save your changes and view your New RTB Ad Source.


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