Manage Publisher Rules

Who can manage publisher rules?

RTB buyers can control publishers ad requests sent to an RTB Ad Source. If the ad request from a seller organization is not wanted, they can block the publisher in the buyer organization settings. Reports display Seller Blocked by Buyer as filter reason in Bid(Ad) Filter Reason Reports.

Only users with permission "RTB Buyer Manager" are allowed to set/modify Publisher Rules.


  • Blocking/unblocking becomes effective 5-10 minutes after saving the setting.
  • All blocking/unblocking publishers activities  are controlled from the Change Log gearwheel.

Block a Publisher

Users with the appropriate permissions can determine which publisher to block.

  1. Go to Admin > General Settings > Publisher Rules and click Block Publisher.
    The Block Publisher window opens.
  2. Add one or multiple Publisher IDs and Save values.

  • Only one Publisher ID per row is allowed.
  • Publisher IDs already blocked, will be ignored.
  • Publisher IDs not mapped to or approved for this buyer organization, will be blocked.
  • Invalid Publisher IDs (not present on the Video SSP platform) are highlighted as invalid.


In the overview grid blocked publishers are displayed by Publisher ID, Publisher Name and Blocked Since (denoting the last time this specific publisher was blocked). The timestamp is in the same timezone as defined for the organization.


Unblock Publishers

A blocked publisher can be “unblocked” at any time.

Unblock Single Publisher

Go to Admin > General Settings > Publisher Rules and select Unblock Publisher from the publisher’s gearwheel menu.

Unblock Multiple Publishers

  1. Go to Admin > General Settings > Publisher Rules.
  2. Select the checkbox in front of the Publisher IDs.
    The Unblock button appears on the grid overview.
  3. Clicking Unblock removes all selected publisher from the grid.

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