Manage Notifications


Users with permission to modify organization settings can configure receiving notifications from Video SSP. The notifications show as a persistent banner in the console for 24 hours or could be sent to one or multiple receivers via email.

To configure which notifications you receive go to  Admin > General Settings > Notifications.




Notification check box

Notify about incentive program fees: If enabled, organizations participating in the Incentive Program1) will be alerted via email and banners in console, if the Incentive Program Fee >= 20% of Market Revenue on a day.

1) Organizations covered under Video SSP’s Incentive Program.

Contact your account manager for more details about the calculation of the Incentive Program Fee and to activate the email notification feature in your organization.

Email text box

Sends the notifications via email to defined adresses by the end of day (PST), containing your net figures for the day. Additionally, a persistent banner notification appears in the console for 24 hours.


  • Replies to the sender’s email are not monitored.
  • Any figures mentioned in the email are approximate figures. Please check reporting console for exact figures.
  • Reach out to your account manager for more details.


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