Advertiser Rules tab in General Settings

Go to the Admin menu > General Settings > Advertiser Rules tab.







Filters Advertiser Rules by name.

Create New Advertiser Rule

Allows to create a new Advertiser Rule.


Filters rules by properties. Filter options are:

  • Name (Advertiser Rule)
  • Status
  • Type
  • Filter Name (if the setting of search criteria was saved previously)
  • Modified (Any, Fixed Period, or today)

Context Menu

:  Opens the rule options drop-down menus:

  • To Download the list of rules to CSV or Excel, view a Change History of previous updates to rules.
  • To make changes to a single rule, select the context menu inline to your Advertiser Rule. Available options:
    • Edit Advertiser Rule
    • Clone Rule
    • Delete Advertiser Rule


Lists the Advertiser Rule Names.

Rule ID

Displays the rule numeric identifier.


Displays a note, e.g. regarding the blocklist settings or other shared information with a team member.


Displays the Advertiser Rule status as either Live  or Paused .

Rule Type

Displays the type of rule as either Blocklist or Allowlist.


Displays the date of the latest changes made on a specific rule.


Displays if there is any customization for any targeting criteria. Clicking the badge, views which targeting statement is applied to the connection. 

If custom targeting is not applied, All Views display.


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