General tab in Advertiser Rules

Go to the Admin menu navigate to General Settings > Advertiser Rules tab. Click Create New Advertiser Rule.



Note: Fields in bold followed by a red asterisk ("*") are mandatory.




Saves an Advertiser Rule as either Live or Paused.

  • Live: Sets the rule to active. A rule must be saved as live to block advertiser domains from delivering.
  • Paused: The rule is not active. You can save a rule as paused if you are not yet ready to set it live.

Note: You can pause a rule at any time if you wish to allow the blocked advertiser domains to deliver again.

Rule ID

Shows the unique identification number (ID) of a rule. This number will be applied automatically after saving the Advertiser Rule the first time.

Advertiser Rule Name

Defines a name for the rule. The Name also appears on the rule list under the Advertiser Rules tab in General Settings.


Allows to make a note regarding the blocklist settings or can be used to share information with a team member.

Rule Type

Defines a Rule Type. Available options:

  • Blocklist: Blocks the selections on the Advertiser tab (default setting).
  • Allowlist: Allows the selections on the Advertiser tab.



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