How to Support ads.txt File on Video SSP

About ads.txt for Publishers

  • You can identify yourself to buyers as an authorized seller by including an ads.txt file for your video, display, and mobile inventory.
  • Ads.txt was created by the IAB to allow publishers to publicly declare the specific exchanges they work within the digital advertising space.
  • The goal of ads.txt is to improve transparency and decrease fraud revenue.
  • Oath supports the industry-wide ads.txt initiative. We are partnering with both DSP's and supply sources to facilitate the enforcement of ads.txt files by our DSP partners.
  • If you are a domain owner and want to know the IDs of your Video SSP resellers to add them to Ads.txt, contact your account manager.
    Alternatively, you can also use our
    Ads.txt generator.

For details, see our Mobile SSP documentation:  ads.txt for Publishers.



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