Allowlist Buyer Seats for a Seller Deal

About buyer seat support

With the August 2017 Release, the Video SSP seller deal workflow supports allow listing of buyers seat from RTB buyer organizations while configuring deals. The list of buyer seats allowlisted would be passed in the bid request to the RTB buyer.

This allows publishers and buying platforms to set controls against particular buyers/advertisers on deals including allowlists etc.

  • Buyer Perspective: Buyers can add or remove buyer seats in RTB buyer organizations.
  • Seller Perspective: Sellers can now assign buyer seats to seller deals who can participate in a deal (allowlist buyer seats).

Both buyer and seller organizations provide reports on the Seat ID (for deals) in the platform.

Buyer seat terminology



Buying Platform

  • In Video SSP a Demand Side Platform (DSP) that is used by the buyer to respond to bid requests.The buyer organization acts as a buyer in either a public or private marketplace run on the Video SSP platform.
  • A Buying Platform in a Video SSP Publisher/Seller Platform the Participants tab in Deals under Marketplaces it shows the list of buyers in a seller deal enabled for the Marketplaces selected.

Buyer Seat

In Video SSP a Buyer Seat allows specific buyers in the DSP to bid on bid requests sent and supporting the concept of RTB wseat.


A pre-arranged agreement between a Publisher and a Seat to purchase impressions under certain terms.


  • In Video SSP a Private Marketplace assigned to a seller Deal.
  • Depending on the Private Marketplace and Marketplace Connections selected (left side), the associated Buying Platform is displayed (right side).

Publisher/Seller Platform

In Video SSP an organization that acts as a seller in either a public or private marketplace run on the ONE by AOL: Video platform.

RTB buyer organization

  • DSP (external Buyer Platform) that buys inventory from Video SSP Public and Private Marketplaces.
  • RTB buyer organizations need information in the Bid Request regarding which of their own customers (buyer seats - agencies/brands) bid on a specific ad opportunity based on the nature of the inventory.
  • This functionality allows them to restrict certain deals to specific sets of buyers.


An advertising entity (e.g., advertiser, agency) that wishes to obtain impressions and uses bidders to act on their behalf; a customer of a bidder and usually the owner of the advertising budget.


  • Allow list of buyer seats (e.g., advertisers, agencies) allowed to bid on this impression.
  • IDs of seats and knowledge of the buyer’s customers to which they refer must be coordinated between bidders and the exchange a priori.
  • At most, only one of wseat could be used in the same request. Omission of this implies no seat restrictions.

1) Source/definitions based on IAB OpenRTB API Specification Version 2.2.


Allowlisting buyer seats for a seller deal


The Buyer platform has configured buyer seats otherwise the Buyer Seat Selected options window in a seller Deal stays empty.

In this case, no buyer seat is available for selection in this deal for this particular buying platform.




In the main menu navigate to Marketplaces > Deals.


Click + New Deal or open the context menu for a specific existing deal to Edit Deal.

Result: The New Deal workflow opens in the General tab.


Go to the Participants tab.


Make your selection on the Marketplaces and associated connections, that should participate in the deal.

NoteDepending on the Private Marketplace and Marketplace Connections selected, the associated Buying Platform is displayed (step 5). For details, see Your Private Marketplace.


Select the Buying Platforms, that should participate in the deal. For allowlisting a specific buyer seat, click the name of the desired platform

Result: The Buyer Seat options window opens. The default setting is No Buyer Seat Selected and determines, that any buyer seat can bid on the request, as part of this deal (no seat restriction).


Set option to Buyer Seat Selected and the list of available Buyer Seats for this Buying Platform are displayed.


Make your selection on Buyer Seats and click Apply.


Click Save & Exit to save your settings on the seller deal.



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