Reasons to Filter Ad Opportunity

Why a tag may not be serving ads?

Analysis of traffic is difficult, if users want to find out, why a tag may not be serving ads and a reason why the Ad Server will not entertain it to run auction.

With Release August 2017, users can find out why Ads and MPCs are filtered out of Auctions for Ad Opps (aka Invalid Ad Opportunities) in reports by using the following key:

  • Ad Opportunity Filter Reason: Filters reports at inventory source or Marketplace connection level, to find out the number of ad opportunities that are weeded out by the Ad server and why.


Who benefits?

As a Seller, I want to analyze the filtered reasons to take corrective action.

  • Ad Ops Team Member
  • Inventory Managers
  • Campaign Managers


How to generate a report with key: Ad Opportunity Filter Reason?

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Reports >+ New Report > Report Builder tab > Keys > Ad Opportunity Filter Reason.
  2. In the Metric tab select Ad Opportunity.
    Result: User see high level why Ad Opportunities are getting filtered.


Compatibility with other keys and metrics


Compatibility (Keys) Compatibility (Matrics)
  • Organization, Organization ID, Seller Organization, Seller Organization ID, Managing Organization, Managing Organization ID.
  • Inventory Source, Market Placement, Media, Marketplace.
  • Video Platform, Ad Player Size, Date, Device Type, Player Type, Geo: Country, Media Type, Media (Detected), Site (Seller Reported), Standard Operating System, Geo: Region/DMA.
  • Ad attempts, Market opportunities, Ad opportunities, Bid Requests.
  • IAB Viewability Unknown Ad Impressions, IAB Viewable Rate, IAB Measured Rate, IAB Viewability Measurable Ad Impressions, IAB Viewability Undetermined Ad Impressions.
  • Total ad spend.
  • Clicks.
  • Moat Impressions Analyzed, Moat In-view Measurable Impressions, Moat 2 Sec In-View Impressions, Moat In-view Measurable Rate, Moat 2 sec In-View Rate, Moat Overall Viewable.


List of Filter Reasons

Reporting Reason Description
Buy side filtered Ad Server: Send a "No ads" signal.
No Ads is important signal to understand couple of things:
  • Is the Inventory rightly priced/targeted that its meeting demand?
  • Are the buyers not buying as per contracts/deals etc?

Note: This reason is added from April 20th 2017, so any prior data will give "No Ads found" as Not applicable.
Media not associated with Account Ad request contains App name or URL that is not configured in Video SSP console corresponding to Seller Org.
Media not associated with Marketplace Connection or Inventory Source Ad request contains App name or URL that is not configured in Video SSP console corresponding to this Marketplace Connection or Inventory Source.
Media pending review Ad request contains App name or URL that is not approved by Policy team to traffic, applies to Marketplace connection.
Scheduled system maintenance Ad request came in at a time Ad server was in deployment or other maintenance activity.
Seller not allowed to sell CTV inventory Ad request originated from a CTV app but the organization is not allowed to sell CTV app inventory.
Seller not allowed to sell app inventory Ad request originated from an app but the organization is not allowed to sell app inventory on any device.
Supply not targeted for Inventory Source Ad request applies to Inventory Source tag and no backfill Marketplace connection is targeted for this tag
Supply not targeted for Marketplace Connection Ad request does not meet tag's configured Targeting Expression, applies to Marketplace Connection.
User identifier not located Ad request filtered because UUID cookie not located on the user and could not apply FCAP.
User Opted out of Ads Ad request originated from user where "Opt out" cookie was detected in the user's browser, meaning the user does not want to be shown ads.
Valid ad opportunities Ad request is not filtered and is allowed to run an auction on.


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