Player Sizing

How to detect player size

For any VPAID unit, Video SSP injects a Javascript to detect the width and height of the ad player.


How VPAID and js detect player size at runtime

Basic js functions retrieve width and height of the ad player.
Player size detection works only with VPAID (OLV only).


What can cause player size to be undetectable

Ad player size cannot be detected using a VAST unit because js cannot be injected into VAST units. However, the player size can be detected on VAST creatives as long as Video SSP wraps the VAST unit with a VPAID tag even in an iFrame.


Player Size in Reports

Users can retrieve player size using the Ad Player Size Key when creating reports. The report only gives small, medium or large and not the exact player sizes.

The larger of the two dimensions (WxH) determines the player size.

For example, a 512x288 player would be categorized as a large player. The smaller number (288px) is not considered for player size, only the 512px, which is larger than 500px making it a large player.

For a player sized 300x340, then we would use the height (340px) to determine the player size, which is the larger of the two sizes. This player would be a small player size since it is smaller than 350px.


LARGE: All dimensions greater than 500px
MEDIUM: All dimensions less than 500px
SMALL: All dimensions less than 350px
Not Applicable is for VAST and displays if the unit is a VAST
Unknown is used to capture cases where errors happen. Unknown is a rare response.
For example, out of 424,594,103 recent ad impressions, there were only 2 Unknown ad impressions regarding player size.

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