VAST 2 Support Requirements (no VPAID support)

This article defines the minimum requirements for a customer's video player or AdPlayer to support Video SSP VAST ad tags, specifically for the type of ad tag that always returns the main Creative as a video file (no rich media formats).

Video SSP VAST ad tags return an XML message that complies with the VAST format specification as defined by IAB ([[1]]). The ad response may potentially return two Creatives:

  • The main linear Creative (../Creatives/Creative/Linear/..) is a video file.
  • The companion banner Creative (../Creatives/Creative/CompanionAds/Companion..) is a banner that is defined as an IFRAME Resource. The publisher's player is required to inject the HTML code from this Creative into a HTML element on the page that is allocated for displaying companion banners.


The following tracking beacons must be supported:

  • Impression should be fired when the first frame of the ad starts displaying.
  • Quartile beacons (start, firstQuartile, midpoint, thirdQuartile, complete) should be fired when the ad playback reaches 0, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% accordingly.
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