VAST + VPAID Flash Support Requirements

This article defines the minimum requirements for a publisher's video player or AdPlayer to support Video SSP VAST+VPAID ad tags (VAST ad tags that return a VPAID unit as the main Creative).

Video SSP VAST+VPAID ad tags return an XML message that complies with the VAST format specification as defined by IAB ([[1]]). The ad response may potentially return two Creatives:

  • The main linear Creative (../Creatives/Creative/Linear/..) is an AS3 SWF file that implements the VPAID interface as defined by IAB ([[2]]);
  • The companion banner Creative (../Creatives/Creative/CompanionAds/Companion..) is a banner Creative that is defined as an HTML Resource. The publisher's player is required to inject the HTML code from this Creative into an HTML element on the page that is allocated for displaying companion banners. Click here for detailed information on displaying companion banners in a VAST + VPAID ad response.

Javascript access from the Flash embed tag to the embedding page (allowscriptaccess="always") is required.

The minimum version of VPAID support that the client should implement is 1.0 (newer VPAID versions should be backward-compatible with Video SSP VPAID ads)

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