VAST 3.0 Support

VAST 3.0 provides more features, increased functionality and better reporting, while maintaining backward compatibility with VAST 2.0 to ensure a smooth transition for the industry. For more information on the complete VAST 3.0 guidelines issued by the IAB, visit


VAST 3.0 Ad Response support across Direct and Marketplace buying and selling is available on Video SSP's platform.

This means you can:

  • define Inventory Source and Marketplace Connection tag response type as VAST 3.0.
  • define Digital Ad creative type as VAST 3.0 (for both 1st and 3rd party served creative.)
  • use 'Cost Per Progress View' to track revenue against a configurable progress event for a VAST 3.0 Digital Ad.

Video SSP VAST 3.0 Support includes:

  • VAST 3.0 VPAID ad serving
  • VAST 3.0 Ad Choices element support
  • VAST 3.0 Skippability
  • VAST 3.0 Configurable Progress Beacons with Revenue Recognition
  • VAST 3.0 Ad Response Forecasting across all Inventory (Direct and Marketplace)


Note: Video SSP VAST 3.0 support does not include:

  • VAST 3.0 for mobile.
  • Ad Pods.


Inventory Sources and Marketplace Connections

If you are a publisher with a VAST 3.0 compatible ad player, in the Inventory Source and Marketplace Connection setup workflows, you can select the VAST 3.0 response type (to support VAST 3.0 ad sources).

Inventory Source: Select VAST 3.0 Response Type in the Format Tab


Marketplace Connection: Select VAST 3.0 Response Type in the General Tab


VAST 3.0 is backwards compatible with VAST 1.x and VAST 2.0 creatives for both 1st and 3rd party served.

For additional information, see Inventory Sources, and Marketplace Connections articles.

Digital Ads

Within the Digital Ad General Tab, you can select your Ad Creative Type as 1st Party Served VAST 3.0 or 3rd Party Served VAST 3.0. The Ad will only serve / buy on inventory defined as VAST 3.0 compliant. Forecasting will correctly reflect potential inventory for VAST 3.0 Ads.


Configurable Progress Beacons

Video SSP supports reporting / revenue recognition as Cost per Progress View for VAST 3.0 Ads. For additional information on configuring a Progress View Event within an Ad, see VAST 3.0 Configurable Progress Views.


VAST 3.0 Skippable Linear Ads

In addition to our support for serving skippable ads via VPAID, Video SSP provides VAST 3.0 Skippable Linear Ad serving support.

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