Add Media to an Inventory Source

Follow the steps below to add media to an inventory source.

Note: If you add or remove a Media from an inventory source, you should also make a corresponding change to the media list of a connection that is targeted at this inventory source, as their media lists should match.

  1. Access an inventory source create page by either creating a new inventory source or editing an existing one.


  2. Click on the 'Media' tab. The Media tab is displayed.

  3. Under the 'Children's Privacy' area, select 'Yes' or 'No' radio button to indicate whether there are any sites/apps to be added that are directed towards children aged under 13.

  4. Click on '+Media' button. The Sites tab of the Add Media window is displayed.


  5. Enter the name of the domain that you would like to monetize.

    Note: Enter the domain name without any http://, https:// or www. prefixes.

  6. Optional: Click enter/return and add another domain by typing its name in the next row.

    Note: You can type one entry per row or copy and paste large lists from Excel or another external source (one entry per row).

    Note: The Add Media window has a 100,000 character limit. 

  7. Optional: To add an app to your inventory source, go to the 'App' tab and repeat steps 5-6, entering a name(s) for an app(s).

  8. Click on 'Save & Exit'. The domain/app is added to your inventory source.



Continue defining format for your inventory source by clicking here.

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