Select a Marketplace for Your Connection

Select a Marketplace based on what type of inventory sources are appropriate for that marketplace.

For example, be it for open, premium, or seller deal specific inventory.

Follow the steps below to select a marketplace for your connection.

  1. Access your connection create page by either creating a new connection or editing an existing one.


  2. Click on the 'Reserve Prices' tab. The reserve prices tab is displayed.

  3. Under the Default Reserve Price area, check a box against a marketplace that you would like to sell in. The 'Amount' field is activated.

    Note: For your connection to be live, at least one marketplace must be selected.

  4. In the 'Amount' field, set a default reserve price for your connection in the selected marketplace.

    Note: Buyer media bids must be above this price by at least $.01.

  5. Optional: Repeat steps 3-4 to select another marketplace and set a reserve price for it.

    Note: If you select multiple Marketplaces, you must define a Reserve Price for each selected Marketplace.

    Note: We recommend that you select all available marketplaces, in order to maximize demand.

    Note: If you select the Video SSP Marketplace, the connection is considered a public connection and will need to be approved by the Video SSP Inventory Quality team.

    Note: If you do not select the Video SSP Marketplace, and select only private marketplaces, the connection is considered a private connection, and does not need to be approved.

  6. Optional: Select the 'Dynamic Reserve Price' toggle to apply system optimized dynamic reserve price by default to the selected marketplaces in case it is higher than your default reserve price.

  7. Optional: To target a reserve price to be applied to a specific location, media, buyer or marketplace, create a rule under the Advanced Reserve Price Rules tab.

    Note: For more details on how to create an advanced reserve price rule, please refer to How to Apply Advanced Reserve Price Rule to Your Connection.

  8. Continue targeting your connection by clicking here.
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