VAST 3.0 Configurable Progress Views

The VAST 3.0 serving solution includes support for configurable views: the ability to configure when the view event beacon is fired. These configured view events are reportable, as are revenue calculations for cost per configured view.

CPPV Pricing Model: Cost per Progress View 

With VAST 3.0, Video SSP is able to support a CPV - Cost Per View - revenue model. This optional revenue model for ads that viewers can skip enables publishers and advertisers to negotiate billing based on ads that play for a specified amount of time.

Note: CPV is NOT the same as CPCV. CPCV = 100% Completed View while CPV = Cost per View.

The 'View' for this CPV revenue model is configurable as a specific number of seconds, or a percentage of the video play.

VAST 3.0 Digital Ad Progress Views

Progress Views Goal Type 

The Progress Views goal type in Digital Ad enables you to limit Ad delivery to a total, monthly, weekly or daily volume of Progress Views for the Ad. The number of Progress Views will be calculated based on how you configure the progress view event in the Creatives tab of Digital Ad.

Once you select Progress Views as a goal type for your Digital Ad, you must take these actions before saving your Ad:

  • Select Creative Type as either 1st Party Served VAST 3.0 or 3rd Party Served VAST 3.0
  • Configure the Progress View Event in the Creatives tab of the Ad

Configuring the Progress View Event

You can configure your Ad Progress View Event in the Creatives tab of Digital Ad. 

Note: supports one configurable view event per Ad.

The Progress View Event informs the system when to fire Video SSP 1st party view event beacons, in addition to firing any 3rd party tag placed in this field. The settings you apply to the Progress View Event in the Creatives tab of the Digital Ad will determine how Progress View Events are tracked in the Video SSP system. The Progress View Event configuration will apply to both Video SSP tracking and any 3rd party tracking applied.

Note: It’s important to understand that configuring the Progress View Event is behaviorally different from other event tracking types. All other tracking event types are for specifying 3rd party tracking events only. You cannot configure other 1st party progress beacon types.

Once you have selected tracking URL event type as Progress View Event, you can decide whether to record a progress view after a certain number of seconds, or a certain percentage completion.


  1. Select Progress View Event as your Event Tracking URL type.
  2. Enter a number in the Record View at: field.
  3. Define your configuration setting as based on either secs or %.
    • secs:  the Progress View Event will fire after a number of seconds.
    • %: the Progress View Event will fire after a percentage of the linear asset has played.

Both setting types depend on the number entered in the Record View at: field.

  1. If you want to include a 3rd party event tracking beacon as well for your view event, select the ‘Include 3rd party URL’ check box. Once you select the 3rd party URL check box, a field will appear where you can place the corresponding 3rd party tracking tag.

VAST 3.0 Creative Types 

In order to take advantage of configurable progress view events, you must select your Creative Type as either 1st Party Served VAST 3.0 or 3rd Party Served VAST 3.0, in the Formats and Serving section of the General tab of Digital Ad.

Price of Revenue for CPPV

You can define pricing (for revenue recognition) against these progress views by entering a dollar amount in the Price field of Digital Ad, in the General tab Billing section.

Note: In order to have access to the CPPV price type, you must first select a VAST 3.0 Creative Type for your Ad.  

  1. In the Price field drop down menu, select CPPV as your revenue model.
  2. Enter your CPPV dollar value (for example, "$5.50").

Note: Video SSP does not support CPPV Marketplace buying and selling; or CPPV ad optimization / yield optimization. The Price field is for tracking / reporting purposes only.


The following Keys and Metrics can be used for reporting on progress views:


  • Progress Views

Pair with the Key 'Ad' to report on progress views (Displays the number of progress views recorded for each Ad in the report.)


  • Progress View Configuration (secs or %) 


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