Bid Requests and Bid Responses in Seller Deal Reports

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  • About seller deal reports
  • Supported keys and metrics in Seller Deals
  • Example Report


About seller deal reports

  • Seller Deal reports show the amount of Bid Request sent and Bid Response received across all External RTB Buyers for a particular Seller Deal ID.
  • Seller Deal reports for Bid Request and Bid Response metrics can be created by:
    • External RTB Buyers
    • Publishers participating in Marketplace Digital Ad Deals (no Direct Seller)
    • Publisher see only the Seller Deal IDs created by them.
    • External RTB Buyers see only the Seller Deal IDs for which they are enabled and only the bid requests/responses in which they participated.
    • To create Seller Deal reports for Bid Requests and Bid Response, generate a report by using the Deal Reporting filter.


Supported keys and metrics in Seller Deals 

Report Type



Seller Deal report with Bid Request/Bid Response metrics

  • Ad
  • Seller Deal Name
  • Seller Deal ID
  • Seller Deal Type
  • Seller Deal Priority
  • Seller Deal Price Type
  • Seller Org
  • Buyer Seat (Name and ID)
  • Buyer Org (Buying Platform Name and ID)
  • Date
  • Marketplace
  • Media
  • RTB Ad Source (under “digital ad” in reporting)
  • Marketplace Connection
  • Managing Organization (ID and Name)
  • Bid Request
  • Bid Response
  • Ad Attempts
  • Ad Impressions
  • Ad Errors
  • Total Ad Spend
  • Ad Revenue
  • eCPM (Total ad spend/Ad)
  • Market Opportunities
  • Click Through Rate
  • 100% Completed View Rate
  • 75% Completed View Rate
  • 50% Completed View Rate
  • 25% Completed View Rate


Example Report



  • The Total count for Bid Request metric should not be taken as the total Bid Request count for seller deals. Same for Bid Responses.
  • One Bid Request/Response can contain multiple seller deals and counts as one Bid Request/Response in different seller deal rows.


  • Bid Request 1 (BR1) contains Deal Id 1 and 2
  • Bid Request 2 (BR2) contains Deal Id 1 and 3
  • Bid Request 3 (BR3) contains Deal Id 2

 In the deal report the Bid Request shows as:

Seller Deal ID

Bid Request


2 (BR1 and BR2)


2 (BR1 and BR3)


1 (BR2)



*) Whereas the actual Bid Request count is 3 (BR1, BR2 and BR3).

The same would be case for Bid Responses.


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