How to Create a Video Gallery in App Studio

Video Gallery is an out-of-the-box solution that helps to enhance your website with a collection of video content. It is a kind of a web app that can be created in a few simple steps.

When you create your video gallery entity in the Portal, an embed tag is generated that you can then copy and embed into your website's code.


To create a video gallery, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the portal by clicking here.


  2. Hover over 'TOOLS' and go to 'OTT' in the Portal menu. An additional menu is displayed.

  3. Click on 'APP STUDIO'. The App Studio list page is displayed.


  4. Click on 'CREATE APP' and select 'Video Gallery' from the drop-down menu. A new Video Gallery page will open displaying the App Templates screen.


  5. Click on the 'Template A' icon to set it as your app template type.

  6. Click on 'SAVE'. A template type for your video gallery is selected and the 'TEMPLATE & DESIGN' tab of the video gallery edit page is displayed.


  7. Mandatory: Enter a name for your video gallery project. This name will identify your video gallery project in the Portal.

  8. Click on the 'COMPANY' field to search and select the company that will own this video gallery project.

    Note: The default company is inherited from the user's company context menu.


  9. Under the 'TEMPLATE & DESIGN' area, apply the required fields according to the following table:

    Field Description

    Click on this field to define the color of the template according to the following options:

    • DARK - The app template will have a black background.
    • LIGHT - The app template will have a white background.

    Enter a relevant color number to set a brand color for your video gallery.

    Note: Clicking on this field will open a viewport. Use manipulators inside to set the required color. 

  10. Add pages to your video gallery following the steps described in How to Add a Page to Your App in App Studio.

  11. Click on 'SAVE & CLOSE' to save your video gallery project and generate your video gallery embed code. Your video gallery details page is displayed.

  12. Continue to copy and embed your Video Gallery Embed Tag.
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