How to Manually Add Domains to Your Demand

To manually add a domain to your Player Demand Sites/App Target list, perform the following steps:

  1. Access your player that is monetized using the Player Demand in edit mode.


  2. Go to the 'DEMAND' tab.

  3. Optional: Apply filters and select ad demand connections as described in steps 3 to 12 of How to Create Ad Demand Connections using the Player Demand.

  4. Under the 'SITES/ APP TARGET' area, click on the 'ADD MANUALLY' button. The Add Sites/ Apps window is displayed.


  5. Enter the URL of your domain into the 'INSERT SITE/APP' field and click on the + icon. Your domain is added to the list.

    Note: Enter the domain name without any http:// or https:// prefixes.


  6. Optional: Repeat step 5 to add another domain to the Sites/App Target list.

  7. Click on 'OK'. Your domain is added to your Player Demand.


  8. Click on 'SAVE'. Your Sites/App Target list is saved and added to your Player Demand.
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