How to Set Up the SEO-Sitemap-Service

What is the SEO-Sitemap-Service?

The seo-sitemap-service is used if you would like your video content to be immediately displayed in the web browser's search results and not to wait until search engine crawlers revisit your website.

This service will track pages which players are placed on and add the video info to a sitemap specific to your domain.
To integrate the sitemap service, perform the following stages:

Stage I - How to Set Up a Sitemap

Note: Sitemaps are stored in our CDN. To work correctly, a sitemap must appear under your domain. To achieve this, set up a reverse proxy.

A sitemap setup process involves the following phases:


Note: Sitemaps can be found in our CDN and are generated hourly (If changed).

  1. Find your sitemap by entering the following URL:

    Note: The parameter highlighted in red is a placeholder for the mandatory value described below.${YOUR_DOMAIN_KEY}/o2-index-video-sitemap.xml.gz
    • YOUR_DOMAIN_KEY - Replace this placeholder with your domain name hyphenated.

      Note: Enter the domain name without any http:// or https:// prefixes.

      Note: For example, if your domain name is or, enter it as test-com, - subdomain-test-com etc.

  2. Inside your sitemap index, find links to the relevant sitemaps for your domain.


Note: For your sitemap to appear under your own domain and not our CDN, you should use a Reverse Proxy.

Implement a Reverse Proxy according to the following rules:

  • Sitemaps URLs should be https://${YOUR_DOMAIN}/o2-seo-sitemap/o2-video-sitemap-1.xml .gz

  • Any request on path /o2-seo-sitemap/${FILE_NAME} should be proxied to${YOUR_DOMAIN_KEY }/${FILE_NAME }


Please see below some examples of how you can set up a Reverse Proxy using either Apache or NGINX

Note: You can use any reverse proxy.

  • Apache Example config

    Note: Below is the config required to be added to your apache host config.

    Note: Please ensure correct apache proxy modules are enabled.

ProxyPassMatch "/o2-seo-sitemap/(.*)"
" ${YOUR_DOMAIN_KEY} / $1 "
ProxyPassReverse "/o2-seo-sitemap/(.*)"
" ${YOUR_DOMAIN_KEY} / $1 "


  • NGINX Example config

    Note: Below is an example of how a Reverse Proxy can be set up using nginx.

    Note: The below code must be added to the server section of the config located inetc/nginx/nginx.conf.

    Nginx doc: proxy/


Server {
location ~ ^ /o2-seo-sitemap/ (?< fileName >.*)$ { rewrite ^ /prod/o2-seo-sitemap/ ${YOUR_DOMAIN_KEY} / $fileName break ; proxy_pass ; } ......... }



For crawler to access your o2-index-video-sitemap.xml.gz, add the following to your robots.txt:

Sitemap: https://${YOUR_DOMAIN}/o2-seo-sitemap/o2-index-video-sitemap.xml.gz



  1. Optional: Submit sitemap to

    Note: When the sitemap is updated in future, it will be updated accordingly in Google Console.

    Note: Sitemap location should be https://${YOUR_DOMAIN}/o2-video-seo.xml.

  2. Validate your sitemap and report errors, if any. 

Stage II - How to Set Up a Player

  1. Add the 'SEO SITEMAP TRACKING' extra to the player that you wish to include in your o2-video-seo.xml.

    Note: To learn how to add an extra to a player, please refer to How to Add an Extra to Your Player.

  2. Activate the 'ADD SEO DATA' toggle for the player in the player wizard. For more information, please refer to How to Add Automated SEO Data to Your Player Embed Tag.

    Note: The playlist assigned to the player must contain only static placements.

    Note: The 'ADD SEO DATA' toggle in the player wizard is active by default.
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