How does Automated SEO Data Work?

What is Automated SEO Data?

Automated SEO Data is a set of tags that are added to your player embed tag. These SEO-friendly tags enable search engines to crawl your website video content and then display it in the web browser search results. Simply activate the 'ADD SEO DATA' toggle in the player wizard, and the tags will be automatically added to your player embed tag under the 'PLAYER TAG CODE' area.

Player Setup 

The 'ADD SEO DATA' toggle is active by default in the player wizard whenever you create a new player or a player template.
Note: If you set the 'ADD SEO DATA' on/off on the player template level, its child players will automatically inherit it.

Note: If you edit the 'ADD SEO DATA' field in the existing player template, the change will automatically propagate to all of the child players, unless the setting was made on the player level.


  • The SEO Data won't work with semantic and dynamic playlists, so as not to confuse the search engine sniffers with everchanging video results for the same embed tag.
  • The SEO Data can be added to the following tag types only: Standard, Standard w/ placeholder, Standard w/ placeholder (HTTPS), OutStream (InSite/Be In).

    Note: To learn how to add SEO data to your player embed tag, please proceed to How to Add Automated SEO Data to Your Player Embed Tag.
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