How to Allow or Restrict Your Content from Being Served by a Specific Company on a Specific Domain

To allow/restrict your content from being served by a specific company on a specific domain, perform the following steps:

  1. Access your seller rule edit page and open the Domain Restrictions picker as described here.

  2. Select the required restriction mode by clicking on the relevant radio button according to the following options:
    • Black list - Select this option to restrict domains from playing videos assigned to this seller rule.
    • White list - Select this option to allow domains to play videos assigned to this seller rule.

  3. Click on the Domains/Companies picker and select 'Companies' mode to display the list of available companies.


  4. Optional: Search for the required company by typing its name or ID in the search field. The relevant search results are displayed.


  5. Click on the required company. The list of domains associated with this company is displayed.

  6. Check a box against a specific domain to restrict/allow the selected company from serving your content on it.

  7. Click on 'APPLY'. Your black list/white list of domains is saved and applied to your seller rule.


  8. Click on one of the following options to save your seller rule:
    • SAVE - Selecting this option will save your seller rule and remain in the seller rule page edit mode.
    • SAVE & CLOSE - Selecting this option will save your seller rule and open your seller rule details page.
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