What are Domain Restrictions?

Domain restrictions is a seller rule setting that allows you to make a list of sites that will be either allowed to or restricted from syndicating the content assigned to this seller rule. Also, the site can be allowed/restricted only for specific publishers it is associated with.


Domain Restrictions Levels

Domain restrictions are applied at two levels of granularity:

  • Domain level - The domain is completely restricted from/allowed for delivering content on it for all companies, including those that are registered in the Portal and those that will sign on to the platform in the future.
  • Company level - The domain is allowed for delivering content on it for the selected companies and blocked for the rest, or vice versa - restricted for the selected publishers and allowed for the others.


How Domain Restrictions Picker Looks Like

The domain restrictions picker opens when you click on the 'Add Restrictions' button under the 'URL PATTERNS' field in the seller rule edit page to add a block list or an allow list of domains to your seller rule.

  • Search By Selection - Allows you to set the search results display mode either by available domains or companies.

  • Restriction Mode Selection - Allows you to select the required restriction mode according to the following options:

  • Search field - Allows you to search either for a domain or a company by entering a name (for a domain) and name or ID (for a company).

  • CSV file upload/download - Allows you to upload your list of domains in the form of a .csv file or download the list of domains you have made with the domain restrictions picker as a .csv file to your local machine.

  • Restricted/Allowed Domains List - Displays the list of your blocklisted/allowlisted domains with indications of the companies the domains are restricted/allowed for.

  • Associated Companies/Domains Selection - Displays the list of companies/domains listed under the currently selected domain/company.

  • Available Domains/Companies - Displays the list of available domains/companies according to your user's permissions.

Note: The Domain Restrictions picker displays the companies that are accessible to your user which is defined by your user's permissions and the sites that are assigned to these companies. To blocklist/allowlist a site that cannot be found in the list, please refer to How to Allow/Restrict a New Domain.




The best way to explain how domain restrictions work is using the following example:

Let's say you work with many publishers and some of them have one and the same domains in their company accounts. You would like to allow a specific publisher to syndicate content in a specific domain. In the domain restrictions picker, you can find this publisher, view the list of domains associated with it and pick the relevant domain. This way you will allowlist this domain for this specific publisher instead of allowlisting it to all of the publishers that the domain is associated with.

Let's consider another case: you would like to restrict some companies from syndicating the content on a specific domain. You can go to the domain restrictions picker, search for this domain and see which companies it is assigned to. Then, in a blocklist mode, you pick the companies that you would like to restrict. Now the domain is blocklisted for these companies but remains available for the rest of the companies it is assigned to.



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