What is a Scheduled Playlist?

A scheduled playlist is a type of a playlist that has current and future versions. The playlist scheduling option allows you to add changes to your existing playlist and pick date and time when these changes become active.

A scheduled playlist can be created out of an already existing playlist. When you schedule any changes to your playlist, you basically create a separate version of it that will override the current version at a given time. The original playlist is the current version, while all changes scheduled in it are the future versions.

For example, you would like your player to play back different types of content during the weekdays and over the weekend. So instead of going to your playlist on Saturday morning and changing it manually, you can simply create a new version of your playlist in advance and schedule it to start playback on, say, Saturday 00:00 a.m.

You can create a scheduled playlist according to one of the following options:

  • Replace content - You create a completely new playlist version and compile new placements inside of it. The new content that you have added will override the old one according to your scheduled date and time. 
  • Modify the existing playlist - You duplicate your existing playlist to a future version and modify it - change the playback order, add/remove videos/placements etc. These changes will apply to the playlist according to the scheduled date and time.

To learn more on how to schedule your playlist updates, please refer to How to Create a Scheduled Playlist.

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