What is a Nested Playlist?

A nested playlist is a type of placement that allows you to include a previously created playlist to your new playlist playback order. This is a way to reuse your old playlists by adding them to a new playlist playback together with newly created placements or combining several existing playlists that are, let's say, under the same topic, within one playlist.

You can add any playlist available to your user as nested one regardless of the types of placements it contains (Semantic, Dynamic or Manually Selected).


How a Nested Playlist Looks Like

An image and explanations below describe the elements of a nested playlist placement card in a playlist:



  • Playlist name - Displays the name inherited from the actual playlist.

  • Open Playlist Page - Clicking on this button will open the actual playlist page in details mode.

  • Videos to Request - Enter a numeric value to limit the number of videos to be retrieved from the placement.

Note: The value set in the 'Videos to retrieve' field will cap the maximum number of videos to be played consecutively. So, for example, if 'Videos to retrieve' value is set to 50, and the actual number of videos in the existing playlist is 55, the playback of this placement will stop after the 50th video is played back and move to the next placement in the playlist. If the actual number of videos is 20, the player will play them back consecutively and then move to the next placement in the playlist. 


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