How to Override Video Metadata in a Playlist

You can override a title, a description and a thumbnail of a video in a playlist. The overriding metadata is saved on a playlist and a company level, which means that the change won't affect the original video.

Note: The metadata override is saved in the company context, so the users of other companies won't be able to see it.

Note: You can override the same video metadata in multiple playlists.

Note: The metadata override can only be applied to manually selected videos. 

To override a video title, description and/or thumbnail, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the Playlist edit page by either editing it or creating a new one.


  2. Go to the required video and click on it to open the video preview card in the playlist edit page.


  3. Add the required changes to the video metadata according to the following table:

    Field Description
    Video Title Click on the 'Edit' icon (Override_Edit_icon.jpg) and enter a new video title that will override the existing title.
    DESCRIPTION Click on the 'Edit' icon (Override_Edit_icon.jpg) and enter a new description for your video that will override the existing description.
    Thumbnail Click on the 'Edit' icon (Override_Edit_Thumbnail_icon.jpg) and either select one of the suggested thumbnails in the 'THUMBNAIL IMAGE' screen or upload a new one from your local machine by clicking on the '+' icon and selecting a file from the finder/explorer window. 

  4. Optional: To revert the change of video title and/or description, delete the text you wrote and press enter/return. The original title and/or description is displayed.


  5. Click on one of the following options to save your playlist:  
    • 'SAVE' - Selecting this option will save your playlist and remain in the playlist edit mode.
    • 'SAVE & CLOSE' - Selecting this option will save your playlist and open the playlist details page.

      The video metadata override in your playlist is now active.

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