Requirements to Domains .csv File

What is Domains .csv?

Upload Domains CSV option in the Company page allows you to add a whole list of domains to your company in a form of .csv file instead of typing them in manually using the Portal UI. After you upload your domains list .csv file, the domains' names and their details will be automatically added to the Domains and Apps list in your company page.


Generating .csv File

A .csv (comma-separated values) file is created according to one of the following ways:

  • Excel sheet - Domains data is added to an XLSX file, which is then saved in a .csv format.
  • CSV generator - Domains data is ingested into a CSV generating app that arranges it and creates a .csv file.


Domains .csv File Content

The following input format is used to generate a .csv file with a .csv generator:

Important! The following input format is applied to .csv generator only. In an XLSX file, the content is divided by columns and rows where each parameter is a separate column and each domain is a separate row. 

Note: The first line represents the column headers that are standard and mandatory. Next lines represent the content.

Note: The parameters and their titles are separated by commas.




  • DOMAIN_URL - Replace this placeholder with your domain URL.

    Note: For URL, both [hostname].[subdomain], https://[hostname].[subdomain], www.[hostname].[subdomain] formats are supported. 

  • COMSCOREID - Replace this placeholder with your ComScore ID.
  • CATEGORY - Replace this placeholder with your domain category.
  • COUNTRY - Replace this placeholder with your domain target country(ies).

    Note: COUNTRY and CATEGORY are multiple value fields. Multiple values should be separated with semicolons.

Note: Domain name is a mandatory parameter, the rest of the parameters are optional.

Note: If any of the parameters are missing, the value for it is left empty and is separated with commas.





Note: To see an example file, please click here.



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