Applying Timing, Grouping & Optimization Ad Settings Using the Player Template Wizard

What are Advanced Ad Settings?

The Advanced Ad Settings area of the player template allows you to control the Timeout logic and grouping process of our Ad Set based monetization model. Using these timing and grouping parameters you can optimize and balance the ad serving experience on your player template.

Note: For further details, please see Ad response timeout logic and Grouping process logic.



Customizing the Timing, Grouping & Optimization Ad Settings in the Player Template Wizard

To customize the Timing, Grouping & Optimization ad settings in the player template, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the Player template wizard by editing an existing player template or creating a new one.


  2. Click on 'ADVANCED' and select the 'AD SETTINGS' tab.


  3. Under the 'AD SETTINGS' tab, scroll down to the 'TIMING, GROUPING & OPTIMIZATION' area.

  4. Optional: Click on 'More settings' to view all the available fields under this area.


  5. Apply the relevant fields according to the following table:

    Field Name


    This field allows you to enter a time limit (in seconds) that will cause any ad to stop playing after this time limit has been reached. For example: If a video ad is 30 seconds long and the ad kill time is set to '10', the ad will only play for 10 seconds and then end.

    Note: For further details, please see Ad response timeout logic.


    Enter a value to set a time limit for receiving valid .xml ad responses. The time limit checks how long it takes to receive a valid .xml ad response since the ad request was sent. If the ad response time is higher than the defined limit, the ad request will be moved to the next 'Hard timeout' verification.

    Note: Slow ad responses will receive a lower performance score in the Vidible system. This in time will result in giving them a lower priority in relation to high performing ad responses. 

    Note: The default is 400 milliseconds (0.4 seconds).

    Note: For further details, please see Ad response timeout logic.


    Enter a value to set the maximum time limit (in seconds) in which an ad request can search for a valid ad response. If a valid ad response is not received within this time frame the ad request is terminated.

    Note: The default is 3200 milliseconds (3.2 seconds) and includes the 'Soft timeout' definition within it.

    Note: For further details, please see Ad response timeout logic.


    Enter a value to define a maximum time limit a player will wait between the moment an ad has started to load and the moment the ad has started to play. If the ad does not manage to start before the defined limit, the player will terminate the process and defer to the second best ad. 

    Note: The default is 19,200 milliseconds (19.2 seconds).

    Note: For further details, please see Ad response timeout logic.

    MAX AD SEARCH TIME Enter a value which limits the video ad search time at a predefined cap in a given ad opportunity. Unlike 'Soft timeout', 'Hard timeout', and 'Start timeout' which are specific to each ad request, 'Max ad search time' manipulates all ad activities within the Ad opportunity.

    Note: For further details, please see Ad response timeout logic.

    Example: If this field is set to 6 seconds, the player will perform the same tasks but with a maximum timeline of 6 seconds for each given ad opportunity. This will repeat for every ad opportunity the player reaches.

    Click on this field and select the relevant optimization logic that will apply to this player template according to the following options:

    • Revenue (default for all legacy) - Recommended for most clients as it optimizes for revenue.
    • Ad Delivery - Recommended for arbitrageurs with traffic coming from different SSPs. These clients tend to sell on a wide range of geo and domain supplies.
    • Fill Rate - Very similar to Revenue except that it doesn't take CPM into account. Useful if its known that expected CPM is fairly the same across all ads being sold.
    • Latency - For partners who care more about latency than revenue. Ads with least latency are preferred over ads which could take longer and make more money.

    Note: This setting is only relevant for 'Ad Set Based' monetization players.

  6. Click on 'SAVE'. You advanced ad settings are applied and saved to the player template.
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