Applying Companions Using the Player Template Wizard

What are Companions?

Companions are additional image areas that display static advertisement images that accompany the main ad that is played back in the player. Many ad responses from your Ad Campaigns and/or Custom Ad Engines return also these images in the response that can be loaded into predefined elements in your web page.

By adding a companion to your player, you are setting up the connection between the ad response and your web page to display the relevant companion ad image using the Player. The companion object in the Player will point to a specific <div> element in your web page to target and display the image there.



Adding a Companion in the Player Template Wizard

To add a Companion to your Player Template, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the Player template wizard by editing an existing player template or creating a new one.


  2. Click on 'ADVANCED' and select the 'AD SETTINGS' tab.


  3. Under the 'AD SETTINGS' tab, scroll down to the 'COMPANIONS' area.


  4. Click on 'Add Companion'. An Add Companion screen is displayed.


  5. Apply the relevant fields according to the following table:
    Field Name Description
    ELEMENT NAME Enter the ID name given to the corresponding <DIV> element in the player's designated web page. This field links between the companion banner and the <DIV> element in the player's page.
    WIDTH Enter the width of the companion banner in pixels.
    HEIGHT Enter the height of the companion banner in pixels.
    Keep Companion Select this check box to continue displaying the companion after the ad (within the VAST tag) has finished playing.
    FAILOVER Optional: Enter a URL address for an image that will load the image in the companion element when the ad response does not return any companion banners.
    Failover on Start Optional: Selecting this check box will enforce the failover image to be displayed in the companion elements always.

  6. Optional: Repeat steps 4-5 for any additional companion you would like to define for this player template.


  7. Click on 'SAVE'. Your companions are applied and saved to your player template.


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