About Desktop Forced Muted Autoplay in Chrome 66 & Safari 11

What's Changed in Chrome 66 and Safari 11 

Both Google Chrome and Safari browsers have changed their video desktop experience by enforcing autoplaying content players to playback without sound. This was done due to their users' feedback that video playback sound was considered too intrusive.

What Players will be forced to mute in a Desktop environment?

Only players that have been set to autoplay are automatically muted on a desktop by Safari 11 and Chrome 66.

Note: For more details on muted autoplay for each browser, please click on the links according to the following options:


What's Changed in Our Player

To address the changes of muted autoplay we have introduced a default unmute overlay on our players. If an enforced mute-playback video start is detected, the unmute button will automatically be displayed on top of the player allowing the viewer to unmute the player if they desire to do so.

The following image and explanations describe the unmute overlay behavior on the player:
  • Unmute button - Clicking on this button unmutes the player and the video playback continues with sound.
  • Unmute tooltip - A floating tooltip that shows whenever a mouse is moved into the video area.
Note: To learn how to configure the unmute UX in the player wizard, please refer to the instructions in step 3 of How to Apply or Change FOREGROUND Settings.
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