Step 4 - How to Provide Your Vendor List

As part of the user experience for collecting consent under GDPR, a user should be able to select the vendors with whom they consent to share their data.  This list of vendors should only include vendors that the publisher may share data with. Each publisher should provide their own list of vendors with which they share data.  The vendor list information is used by both the publisher’s CMP consent UI and the CMP JS.

Both the CMP JS and the CMP UI will look for a file on the site’s root path named pubvendors.json.  The cmpuiforoath reference implementation includes support for pubvendors.json.  This json file should be formatted according to the IAB pubvendors.json spec defined here.  This json file should include a list of the IAB registered vendor ids.  You can access the IAB global vendor list here to locate the ids of the vendors to be included in the pubvendors.json file.  The format of this file is shown below where

  • publisherVendorsVersion is the version of the pubvendors.json spec (currently 1)
  • version is the version of this pubvendors.json file, incremented on each update
  • globalVendorListVersion is the version of the GVL this was created from
  • updatedAt is the ISO 8601 formatted datetime this file was updated

vendors is a list of vendor objects with only the “id” property required where “id” maps to the id of the vendor in the global vendor list

 "publisherVendorsVersion": 1,
 "version": 1,
 "globalVendorListVersion": 1,
 "updatedAt": "2018-05-14T00:00:00Z",
 "vendors": [
     "id": 1
     "id": 2
     "id": 3


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