What is App Studio?

App Studio is your one-stop shop for OTT app creation across mobile and CTV devices. We currently support app creation across the following platforms: Android mobile, iOS mobile, tvOS, Android TV, Fire TV, and Roku. The apps you create in App Studio are integrated with our Video Partner SDK, enabling video playback and monetization out of the box.

With App Studio, you can generate source code for your apps that can then be compiled in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and submitted to the appropriate app store.


App Studio offers the following:

  • Create apps for multiple platforms including:
    • Mobile: Android mobile, iOS mobile (coming soon).
    • Connected TV (CTV): Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV.
  • Dynamically control content on your app without сhanging the app code - change playlists on the fly.
  • Preview your app design while editing it in App Studio.



  • App Studio does not compile and submit an app on your behalf. After downloading the source code for each app, you will need to compile the app in your Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • Your app submission process to an app store is not automated or supported by App Studio. You are responsible for submitting and publishing your own apps, as well as all related legal aspects and users support issues.


App Creation Process

The image and descriptions below explain the main stages of an app creation process:


  1. The first stage is to create your app project in App Studio during which you select a platform for your app (Android (mobile), Android TV, Apple TV, Roku or Fire TV), define an app template, brand colors, add relevant icons etc.
  2. Next, you generate your app build (app source code) in App Studio.
  3. Then, you download your app project created in App Studio to your machine.
  4. Next step is to open your project in an IDE and compile your app.
  5. Finally, you submit your app to your desired app store.


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