What is a Shareable Entity?

A Shareable Entity is an entity that can be syndicated to other Companies within the Portal. These entities are shared using a Sharing Field and Sharing Picker that allow you to define the scope of companies that will be allowed to view and use the entity. 

Important! The Sharing Field's title changes according to the context and will usually have a title of "SHARE WITH" or "RESTRICTION".  

The following diagram describes the basic sharing concept available in Shareable Entities:



Supported Shareable Entities

The following entities within the Portal are considered Shareable entities:

  • Videos - Note: video entities are shared either by their assigned Seller Rule or by an explicit Restriction override set on the specific video itself.
  • Playlists
  • Ad sets
  • Ad Vendors
  • Events
  • Roles
  • Seller Rules
  • Smart Tags

Note: Additional entities that will become shareable later on are:

  • Player Templates
  • Ad campaigns
  • Targeting Rules



You can only share/syndicate an entity/video with Company Groups that are defined on the Owning Company level. For example, if the Owning Company of an Ad Campaign is part of the Oath Brands Company Group, the entity will only allow you to share it with other companies under Oath Brands.


Sharing Field (Drop-Down)

The Sharing Field is a drop-down selection field that allows you to define the sharing scope of your entity. This field has three options, two of which have a fixed scope for quick sharing within your Company or within your White Label (including Affiliates). The third option named "Selected Companies/Groups" will open the Sharing Picker that is used for more advanced selections. For further details, please see How to Use the Sharing Field.





Sharing Picker (Target Companies / Company Groups)

The Sharing Picker is opened when choosing the Selected Companies/Groups option from the Sharing Field. This option allows you to define the targeting criteria for your entity by selecting specific Companys and/or Company Groups. For further details, please see How to Use the Sharing Picker.

Note: The Sharing Picker also allows you to do specific exclusions of companies if they are part of an existing Company Group.

The following image is an example of the Sharing Picker that allows you to search, filter and select Company Groups and/or Companies to share your entity with.



Note: Previously, sharing/syndication of entities was controlled by two fields known as Availability Scope and Accessibility. The new Sharing Field and Picker replace these fields and make entity sharing clear, easy and transparent to the user.


Share Your Entity - Quick Setups

The following links are to our most common Sharing/Syndication setups. Please choose the sharing option you are looking for and follow the instructions:


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