What is the Player Demand?

The Demand tab is a Player monetization feature that allows you to connect your Player quickly and easily directly to your Video SSP demand (ads inventory), as well as Video Syndication Ad Campaigns, based on Geographic, Device, Domain targeting preferences, and reserve price criteria.

The Player Marketplace eliminates the hassle of creating Ad Sets manually to connect to your VAST/VPAID Video SSP and Video Syndication ad tags.



Main Features

  • Direct connection to Video SSP Demand without the need for any additional setup in the Portal or the Video SSP platform.
  • Ability to add Video Syndication Ad Campaigns directly to the player without the need to create an ad set.
  • Filter demands according to selected Geographic, Device, Domain targeting preferences.
  • Filter demand according to defined Reserve Price.
  • Can be applied to any of your Players.



The Player Demand tab is only available to Partners that:

  1. Have an active account on the Video SSP Platform.
  2. Have at least 1 or more Marketplace Connection, Inventory Source and/or Ad Campaign with a Reserve price higher than 0.001$ setup within the Video SSP/Video Syndication platform.



How to Get Access the Player Demand

To get access to the Player Demand, please submit a ticket to our Support Team by clicking here and provide the following information:

  1. Your Portal Company Name and ID.
  2. Your Video SSP Organization ID.


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