How to Use the Sharing Picker

The Sharing Picker is opened when choosing the Selected Companies/Groups option from the Sharing Field drop-down. This option allows you to define the targeting criteria for your entity by selecting specific Companys and/or Company Groups.

The Sharing Picker supports filtering, search and granular selection allowing you to choose exactly who you want to share your entity/videos with.

Main Features

  • Filter Companies by Company Groups
  • Search for White Labels/Affiliates
  • View all Affiliates under a White Label
  • Select complete Companies Groups
  • Select specific Companies
  • View Company Group labels 


Sharing Picker Components

The following image and descriptions explain the different components of the Sharing Picker window:


  • Total Companies Indication - Displays the name of the applied Company Group filter and the total number of companies (White Labels and Affiliates) according to the current selections and/or applied filters in brackets.

  • Filter/Select Company Groups Pane - Displays the names of the Company Groups that the owning company of your entity is part of.

    Important! If you do not see the Filter/Select Company Groups pane, you do not have permissions to view Company Groups. If this is required, please contact your Company Administrator.

  • Clear Filters - Clicking on this button deselects applied company group filters.

  • Search Companies - Allows you to search for a White Label or Affiliate company by entering its name and pressing enter/return.

  • Summary Pane - Displays all of your current selections, such as selected company groups, companies excluded from the company groups, and companies selected outside of the company groups.

  • Affiliate Selection Pane - Displays the list of available Affiliate companies under the currently selected White Label company.

  • White Label Selection Pane - Displays the list of available White Label companies according to the currently applied Company Group filters/selections. 


Filtering & Search


Share Your Entity - Quick Setups


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