How to Show Labels in the Sharing Picker

Activating the labels toggle in the Sharing Picker allows you to see which company group a company belongs to by displaying the relevant company group labels. 

To explain how labels toggle can enhance your companies selection process for sharing your entity, let's consider the following example:

Let's say you select the companies one by one to share your entity with them. Then, you can click on the 'labels' toggle and see that all of your selected companies belong to one company group. This might lead you to a decision to select the whole company group instead of selecting the specific companies.

To apply labels in the Sharing Picker, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to your shareable entity and open the Sharing Picker. For further details, please see How to Use the Sharing Field.


  2. Select the 'labels' toggle to display the label of the owning company group near each of the White Label and Affiliate companies search results.

  3. Optional: Hover over the required label to view the full company group name tooltip.

  4. Optional: Continue selection of companies/company groups to share your entity with.

  5. Optional: Click on 'APPLY'. Your Sharing Picker settings are saved.


  6. Optional: Click on one of the buttons to save your entity according to the following options:
    • SAVE - Selecting this option will save your entity and remain in the entity page edit mode.
    • SAVE & CLOSE - Selecting this option will save your entity and open your entity details page.
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