How to Create a Gauge Chart


A gauge chart is a report section type that allows you to view the progress towards the goal set for a selected metric. Select a metric, set a desired goal for it, and the gauge chart will measure your metric against that goal.

The goal achievement is visualized with the color highlighting of a gauge chart scale as follows:

  • 80%+ - The scale is highlighted in solid green.
  • 60% to 80% -The scale is highlighted in light green.
  • 40% to 60% -The scale is highlighted in yellow.
  • Below 40% -The scale is highlighted in red.

The following image and explanations describe the main components of the gauge chart:



  • Metric Name - Displays the actual name of your selected metric.

  • Target Value - Displays a number that you set as the goal for your metric.

  • Metric Value - Displays an actual value of your metric for the selected reporting period.



How to Set a Gauge Chart

To create a gauge report, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the report create page by either Creating a new report or Editing an existing one.

  2. Apply filters to your report according to the steps described here: How to Apply Filters to Your Report.


  3. Apply section to your report following the steps 2-11 of How to Apply Sections to Your Report and selecting the 'GAUGE CHART' as your section type.


  4. After adding a required metric to the selected 'METRICS' area set your required goal for this metric in the 'Target Value' field by typing the number or using the up and down arrow buttons on the right.

    Note: The minimum goal to be set in the 'Target Value' field is 1.

    Note: Each added metric will be represented with a separate gauge chart.

  5. Complete the report creation process according to the steps 12-17 of How to Apply Sections to Your Report.
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