What are Search Notifications?

Search notification is a tool that automatically sends you email notification when the new videos that match your specific search query become available in the Portal.

Just enter your search query, apply your desired filters and click on the 'Notify me' icon to activate your search notification. The system will scan the Portal every 15 minutes and send you an email whenever new content videos arrive.


How Search Notification Email Looks Like

The image and explanations below describe the elements of a typical email that you will receive after you activate your search notification.


  • Open video page - Clicking on a video thumbnail will open the relevant video page in a new tab.

  • Search query - Displays the relevant search query for the group of the video files that arrived.
  • Video Title - Displays the title of the video file as defined in the Portal.

  • Video ID - Displays the relevant video ID.

  • Open notifications page - Clicking on the link will open your user's Search Notifications page where you can edit or disable your search notifications.



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