How Open Voice Works

The following diagram and numbered explanations describe the complete flow of the Open Voice widget. Please review the diagram and follow the step-by-step explanation to learn about this features operation.


  1. The first step is to create an Open Voice Widget in the Portal during which you will define the look, feel and approval flow of the widget.

    Note: For further details about the Approval Flow, please see What is the difference between Automatic and Manual Approval Flows.

  2. Upon saving the Open Voice Widget, an embed tag is generated allowing you to copy and embed it into your website's code. Whenever the page with the embed code is visited, the Open Voice widget will load and render itself on the page, allowing viewers to interact with it.

  3. Once the viewer has visited the site and the Open Voice widget has loaded, it will allow the viewer to record a video comment using their webcam and submit it.

  4. Each recorded video comment is then transferred to our automated scan services which check for Nudity and Profanity using image recognition and speech to text analysis.

  5. If the submitted video comment fails our nudity detection analysis, the video comment will automatically be moved to our `Censored Comments` area that is completely segregated from the rest of the platform. This area is only accessible to Oath's Trust & Safety teams that are trained to deal with inappropriate content. 

    Important! Inappropriate videos cannot be accessed in the Open Voice Moderation panel or anywhere else in the portal. They are only available in the Trust & Safety team's dedicated review tools.

  6. Video comments that have passed Nudity detection are then transferred to the next validation service which is Profanity detection. This automated service translates speech into text and then scans the generated text for inappropriate language.

    Submitted video comments that fail profanity detection, will automatically be moved the manual Moderation Pane where you can review and decide whether the comment is suitable for publishing on your site.

    Alternately, If your Open Voice widget 'Approval Type' is set to 'Manual', this means that all submitted video comments, including those that have passed both Nudity & Profanity detection, will be transferred to the manual moderation pane for your review.

  7. Ultimately, the Open Voice widget will display a video comment in two situations depending on your Open Voice widget 'Approval Type' setting:
    • Automatic (Moderation)  - When your Open Voice widget 'Approval Type' is set to 'Automatic', this means that all video comments that have passed both Nudity & Profanity detection will be automatically posted to the Open Voice widget.

    • Manual (Moderation)  - When your Open Voice widget 'Approval Type' is set to 'Manual', this means that only the video comments that were manually approved in the Moderation Pane will be posted to the Open Voice widget.

      Important! Other Open Voice viewers have the ability to report a video comment as inappropriate. This will notify your Moderation team allowing them to review the reported video comment. For further details, please see What are Reported video comments?



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